Mexico is located in the northern region of the American continent, bordered by the United States on the north and by Guatemala and Belize on the south.

of beautiful coastlines

of diverse ecosystems and urban areas

Mexico is divided in 5 regions:

Baja/Northwest Mexico. A territory that has been inhabited from time immemorial, this region offers perfect desert landscapes, beautiful virgin beaches and a wide arrange of wildlife species.

North/Northeast Mexico. Known for its extreme weather conditions and characterized by its deserts, nature reserves and rugged mountain ranges. Some cities in the area are key industrial and business centers.

Central Mexico. The Mexican heartland. Here you’ll find plenty of natural surroundings, picturesque towns full of life and color, and beautiful colonial cities, some of which have been declared World Heritage sites.

Pacific Southwest. This part of the country if filled with cities and towns with rich cultural and culinary traditions, as well as some of the best beaches for water sports like surfing and fishing. This region is also known for its abundance of marshes, mangrove swamps and forests.

Yucatan Peninsula. The gateway to the Mayan world. Here you can enjoy the white-sand beaches and the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Home of the world’s second largest coral reef, the area is also well known for its submerged caverns with fresh-water pools, or cenotes, and some of the largest archaeological sites of Mayan culture.

Zones Map

Zones Map


Mexico’s 32 states are truly diverse, as each one has countless ambients and perfect locations.


Political Map

Political Map

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