At FilminMexico the safety of our clients, cast and crew is always our top priority.

There is always a lot of concern from visitors about safety issues in Mexico. As with any other developing country, crime is an issue in some areas. You do need to take some precautions when shooting in remote areas, but working with the right local production company will guarantee that no safety issue will be overlooked.

We recommend that you always have a professional local producer with you for all projects. They are knowledgeable of the area and will be able to avoid potential dangerous threats. We can even provide security personnel when shooting in remote areas, on big productions or when working with a high profile cast or crew. In some cases, local authorities will even provide security when shooting on their region.


To avoid any danger, consider the following personal safety tips:
  • Avoid going out alone at night or to isolated or lonely areas;
  • Do not wear expensive or “shiny” jewelry;
  • Do not leave bags, purses or briefcases in your car at plain sight, put them in the trunk or do not leave them in the car at all;
  • Carry only the cash or credit cards that you’ll use that day;
  • Keep car doors locked and windows closed when driving, the same applies to taxis, lock the doors after getting into a cab;
  • Do not hail taxis on the street, always use cabs at establishments (hotels, restaurants, malls or taxi stands) or services like Uber or Cabify, which are available in main cities. Also you can call (or have someone call you) a cab company to come and pick you up;
  • Try not to look like a tourist. Blend in. At least try to look like you know the area, where you are going and what you are doing;
  • Always be alert and use common sense.

If you have any other safety concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.