You can find lakes, rivers, waterfalls and cenotes all over Mexico.

The largest lake in Mexico is Lake Chapala in Jalisco. Other water bodies like Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacán and Bacalar Lagoon in Quintana Roo offer great shooting locations and very different environments. Some lakes have dark green water, and some very clear blue water, some are deep, some shallow, some are close to a city or the mountains, and some close to the beach. Some are used for drinking water and some for fishing, with small fishing villages around them.

The longest river that goes through Mexico is the Río Grande; it originates in the USA and works as a border between both countries. While it may not be the best location for shooting, there are more than 42 rivers in the country, each with different characteristics. We also have whitewater rapids in several areas.

Other interesting water bodies in Mexico for film or photo shoots are waterfalls, cenotes, dams, swamps, streams and creeks.

Lakes and Rivers Map

Lakes and Rivers Map


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