Small towns, villages and rural communities are found all over Mexico.

Some are very charming, colorful and full of life and folklore, while others have a plain, dusty and flat look; depending the type of location you need, we can find the right town for you.

There are towns with all or most of the comforts you’ll find in a city, or are close to a city that will provide them, but there are also towns with limited services like lodging, cell phone coverage or even running water and electricity. Most colonial towns are found in Central Mexico and the Pacific Southwest.

Haciendas are also a popular location in rural Mexico. Haciendas were farming, mining or production lands that operated since the XVI century and were closed down during the Mexican Revolution in early XX century. The Hacienda’s main building was where the landlord lived and the produce, minerals or products were processed before being sold. There are many Haciendas throughout Mexico, but most of them are in the Pacific Southwest and the Yucatan Peninsula. Some are abandoned or in ruins and some have been refurbished as boutique hotels, museums and country homes.

In rural areas you’ll also find lonely highways, ghost towns, and many working crop fields for corn, agave (tequila plant), coconut, banana, wheat, rice, cotton and many others.

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