Traveling between the main cities in Mexico is usually done by air, while local or short distance travel is done by car.


Domestic flights will take you to almost any city either non-stop or through Mexico City or any other hub. We recommend always hiring a professional driver or safe taxicab take you to your final destination from the nearest airport.


Taking a bus between cities is also an affordable option if flights are not available; however they are a slower option than driving there. Some bus ride could take up to 12-14 hours, or even more, to reach your destination.


Driving around in the city may sometimes be a bit confusing, even for Mexicans; sometimes street signs are missing or not very clear, and driving customs are not always friendly or efficient. We usually hire transportation with a driver for our clients so they can concentrate on their project and not on the road.

Highways between main cities are pretty safe and friendly. There are many toll roads that provide more safety, insurance and faster travel times; we recommend using them when you can. Country roads between towns are usually one lane each way, have no emergency lanes and some are in bad shape. When traveling these roads, make sure you have a driver, guide or good directions, so you don’t get lost driving to your location.

If you need to rent or drive a car, make sure you have a valid driver license and buy insurance; it’s mandatory. You can rent anything from an economy car to a passenger van and everything in between. Car rental companies are available at main airports, busy hotels and many other locations.

Average rental car rates:

CarDaily Rate w/insurance and tax (USD)
Full size$90-$130
12 Passenger Van$190-$230


Rates may vary depending on the area, season and availability. Weekly and monthly rates may be available.


Public transportation like subways and buses are only recommended if you’re very familiar with the area and destination. It’s a cheap way to move around but very time consuming and even dangerous in some areas or at night. Taxis are safe if you get them from your hotel, a shopping mall or any other establishment. If you are not near one of these establishments, call a cab company to send a car and pick you up. Avoid hailing taxis on the street, so always carry a cab company number if you plan to wander off without a car.

Also, services like Uber and Cabify are available in main cities.